Project Repat

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My life over 40 years in a quilt! So many memories from college to retirement! I love it! I couldn’t throw out these tshirts yet didn’t know what to do with them! This was the perfect solution!

Sam L

January 2022

I love this so effing hard!! It is quality, it has a nice weight to it I didn’t expect (slightly like a weighted blanket ❤️) The memories I have just looking at it, I can’t stop staring. I will cherish this always. Highly recommending this company to anyone storing sports or concert tshirts

Kim D

January 2022

It was wonderful working with them. I love how my quilt turned out. The price was reasonable.

Tamara O

January 2022

By signing up, you are helping your friend and family get credit for your purchase whenever that is! Project Repat was started in 2012 by Ross and Nate in a small office in Boston. In the past ten years, they have created 100 full-time textile jobs, and prevented over a 20 Million t-shirts from winding up in landfills. A Repat t-shirt quilt is a great way to preserve memories, and also help the economy and environment.